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Networking AI

Networking AI

Networking AI

On-demand, distributed allocation of high-performance DCs, Colo and clouds connections to GPU resources

Networking AI is a rapidly growing field, but it faces a number of challenges. One challenge is latency. AI applications often need to process data in real-time, so latency can be a major issue. Another challenge is JCT (job completion time). In AI, JCT is important because it can affect the performance of AI models. If the JCT is too long, it can cause the AI model to miss deadlines or make mistakes. This can lead to poor performance and unreliable results.
insidepacket NaaS solution is based white box from the Broadcom Jericho family which is a hardware-accelerated networking AI chip that can significantly reduce latency and improve JCT. This is because the chip can perform complex networking AI tasks much faster than a software-based solution. The Jerich white-box can be leveraged effectively for AI networking with scheduled fabric running ethernet traffic.

  • Reduced cost: InsidePacket’s solution is a low-cost option for building networking AI clusters. This is because it is a software-based solution that can be deployed on commodity white box hardware.
  • Improved performance: InsidePacket’s solution can improve the performance of networking AI clusters. This is because it is designed to optimize the flow of traffic through the cluster.
  • Simplified management: InsidePacket’s solution simplifies the management of networking AI clusters. This is because it provides a centralized control plane for managing the cluster.
  • Scalability: InsidePacket’s solution is scalable, so it can be easily scaled to meet the needs of growing businesses.
  • Security: InsidePacket’s solution enables security services at any scale at line rate and with the lowest latency in the industry.

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