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Equinix Metal & InsidePacket

Transform your BareMetal to the Cloud

BMaaS gives you the power and security of a dedicated server, coupled with cloud-like provisioning flexibility, geographical spread, and service-ready infrastructure. However, with this great power comes the responsibility of keeping your global host, VM and Kubernetes workloads connected and secured. Inside-for-metal does just that over Equinix fabric, turning your distributed BMaaS workloads into a private, high-speed, low-latency and secure cloud.

Benefits of InsidePacket on Equinix Metal

  • Global interconnect across all your local and inter-metro workloads, the internet and multi-cloud.
  • Automated network discovery and setup for all your host, VM and Kubernetes workloads.
  • Advanced and automated security services for all your traffic including FW, IDS/IPS, DDOS, and SWAG.
  • Fully programmable via GUI, REST API, Ansible, Terraform and Kafka.
  • Industry-leading ultra-low latency.

Connect your cloud – ready, set, go!

Managing the networking for distributed dynamic Kubernetes, VM and server workloads can be a complex and tedious task. Inside-for-metal on Equinix Metal jump-starts your workloads interconnect by tracking all public interfaces and supplying initial routing and security policies. This fully automated setup includes BGP configuration, NAT, Load Balancing, Firewall rules, IDS/IPS, and more.

How to operate your BareMetal workloads

Your Cloud, Your Rules!

Choosing BMaaS means that you are not looking for the easiest solution, rather one that gives you the optimal level of control, security, and performance. This means you’ll probably go beyond the instantly available connectivity and security and tune your network and security policies to best suite your needs.

This is why Insidepacket solution provides full GUI and REST API coverage, automation via Ansible and Terraform, Kafka events, integration with Grafana for visualization and Elastic Search for log analytics.

Integrated connectivity and security solution means that all forwarding, and policy decisions are consistent. It also means you get a consolidated cross-functional view with end-to-end visibility for all your connections via elaborate statistics, statuses and events collection and reporting.

Configuration and reporting are done via a redundant single-pane-of glass management, overseeing all your workloads across distributed metro locations as well as connections to the internet and the multi-cloud via Equinix fabric.

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