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NSOS – World’s First Network Security OS

With NSOS operators can enable multiple, scalable services for their tenants based on existing infrastructure, improving network and security services in seconds. No more integration between security and networking vendors, no complex infrastructure setups while still having full flexibility in deployment with built-in growth.

Enabling your customers with new network and security services on your existing Infrastructure can be challenging.

InsidePacket NSOS software makes brownfield insertion easy:

  • Integrated Routing and always-on, inline Security Services for your clients.
  • Holistic Security by providing the right combination of security features L3-L7.
  • Shields Up analytics always ready to block any threat your customers will face!
  • Secure Multi-tenancy with robust, industry-standard tenant separation in data, control plane and API.
  • Ultra-low end-to-end latency addressing even the most sensitive requirements of all enterprise customers.

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Unified Network and Security OS running on COTS Hardware

NSOS can fully leverage a variety of commodity hardware acceleration platforms. From small hundreds of Megabits Edge locations to high volume multi–Terabit DC locations, the right NSOS version is always available.

NSOS is a high-performance software only product running on commodity of-the-shelf hardware. It is capable of additional orders-of-magnitude acceleration of L2-L7 packet processing and services on any programmable hardware, including SmartNIC and Whitebox switches.

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