Connecting your remote workers

Whether your team is working from home or on the go,  getting access to critical corporate resources is always simple, secure, and fast.

Connecting your remote workers
  • Simple Zero Trust Remote Access

    Simple Zero Trust Remote Access

    insidepacket Zero Trust agent solution offers employees simple, secure access only to the resources they need, anywhere.

    Our ZTNA agent supports all devices including iPhone, Android, macOS, and Windows.

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  • Elastic, cloud-native security, everywhere!

    Elastic, cloud-native security, everywhere!

    Remote workers represent a security risk to company’s critical resources such as business operations or IP, therefor protecting remote workers from accessing these resources is simply a must-have. 

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  • Untrusted network ? We got your covered!

    Untrusted network ? We got your covered!

    Your employees take their work home,  coffee shop, or train.

    Wi-Fi hotspots often have widely shared passwords and sometimes absolutely no password authentication, providing malicious actors with an easy way to target business users through Man-in-the-Middle attacks, packet sniffing, Evil Twin attacks, and more.

    insidepacket remote user app ensures corporate workloads are protected on untrusted wifi networks.

    Single-click workload protection keeps employees’ data safe on any device. Rather than requiring employees to actively connect, our advanced algorithm initiates a secure VPN channel automatically.


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  • Lightening fast worker access

    Lightening fast worker access

    Our solution offers local PoPs around the globe with guaranteed latency, bandwidth, and connection quality between regions. this means your remote workers will always access their workloads at the fastest, most secure path.

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  • Automatic access with major cloud providers

    Automatic access with major cloud providers

    insidepacket unique SASE solution enables your employees, regardless of their location to securely connect to all major cloud providers in a fast, seamless, and automatic way.

  • Enforce seamless SSO and SAML Integration

    Enforce seamless SSO and SAML Integration

    Passwordless authentication eliminates the need for employees to manage their credentials, which is suspected to be the reason in over 80% of corporate data breaches. Instead, they can enjoy one-click access to the networks and apps included in their policy.

    insidepacket integrates with identity providers such as Azure AD and Google, and major SAML 2.0 solutions such as OneLogin and LastPass, enabling organizations to leverage secure identity management and one-click logins across their network with the tools they prefer.

    Identity provider integration with our platform offers ease-of-use benefits to end users as well as admins, by enabling efficient onboarding of your team members, sorting them into security groups, and extending relevant security to device endpoints.

  • Eliminate blind spots with superior network visibility

    Eliminate blind spots with superior network visibility

    Regardless of the organization you are in charge of, your mission is to monitor and manage employee devices, network, and workload access all in one place.

    Modern enterprise cant just “set and forget” security policies – you need an in-depth view of your networks and policies. insidepacket monitoring dashboard gives you a real-time view of your network use, with simple and actionable graphs that allow you to drill down for more user-level information

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  • 24/7 support

    24/7 support

    The entire service is managed from a unified console and is backed by a global support team that has you covered 24/7.


Why do you need ZTNA for your workers?

Bringing Zero Trust Network Access to a secure, private & managed network backbone with global pops, enables organizations to be confident that their data, critical applications, and infrastructure are secure, without the expensive orchestration, maintenance or hardware of legacy solutions.


  • Gain Business Agility

    Gain Business Agility

    Connect & protect users, onprem and cloud workloads in minutes over a private & managed network backbone
  • Lowest cost SASE solution, guaranteed

    Lowest cost SASE solution, guaranteed

    No Add-ons, no premium packages. Just low, fix fee
  • Enterprise-grade & easy to use or manage

    Enterprise-grade & easy to use or manage

    Network access is secure, authenticated, and continuously monitored.

Network Security Made Easy

You and your team have the ultimate responsibility for connecting, detecting, and mitigating threats and network failures. Remote users and multi-cloud workloads amplify this problem, with expanded attack surfaces, limited visibility, and a large number of incompatible tools. Insidepacket SASE solution arms you with the right tools for the challenge. Here is why:


  • 'Cloud like' Experience

    Say goodbye to hours of setup and manual configuration. Fully monitor and secure your organization’s most valuable resources from a single dashboard
  • Quick Deployment

    Deploy your network security solution quickly and easily with support for Win, Mac, Linux, IOS, and Android. No hardware required
  • Secure your network with built-in advance security capabilities

    Simple, self-managed with a comprehensive immunity against Ransomware and downtime caused by cyber attacks

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