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Bridging the gap between the old game and the new

With distributed organizations operating from every corner of the globe, consumers expecting seamless digital experiences based on real-time information, and the threat of cyberattacks continuing to rise, the business world has changed dramatically in recent years.

Enterprise IT has changed as well, with a global movement towards Network as a Service and modern cloud architectures that connect and protect assets wherever they may be located. This includes Multi-Cloud Networking, Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), and Zero Trust Networking (ZTN).

However, this brings with it new challenges, and many network operators are still playing the old game, frantically increasing infrastructure in the face of constantly growing bandwidth demands.

But each upgrade cycle brings new costs, further shrinking margins.

With little money to innovate, the knock-on effect is enterprise customers left with limited services and lengthy set-up times.

Why we started InsidePacket

InsidePacket began in 2019 to help operators find a way out of this cycle, to play a new game where they can offer new and improved services and generate new revenue streams without breaking their current infrastructure. We took principles from the industry’s hyperscalers, discovering how to detach network growth from network cost. Rather than buying new hardware and replacing everything that comes with it, our software can run on any operator network.

Operators now control the cost of expanding their network. Buy COTS hardware for the best price you can find, then integrate our software to handle the services enterprises need in a single solution. All are built from scratch on commodity hardware and automated from InsidePacket’s flagship software. Remove complexity while reducing costs and even improving performance for low-latency use cases. Welcome to the new game – Network as a Service.

Our core values inform how we run our business:

  • Simplicity

    Take the complexity out of managing hybrid and multi-cloud networks.

  • Agility

    Respond to the market faster than ever before with the functionality and performance needed for modern innovation.

  • Visibility

    See an entire network from a single consolidated platform with end-to-end traffic and application observability.

  • Communication

    Bring people together to work and share ideas as a fully functioning team, regardless of location.

  • Passion

    Care deeply about the work we do and the product we deliver.

  • Impact

    Change the way we think about connectivity and enterprise networks.

The people behind InsidePacket

InsidePacket is run by subject matter experts with a deep understanding of the hybrid-cloud industry. Our staff has decades of experience working at leading vendors in the networks and security space, such as Broadcom, Cisco, Microsoft, Radware, Sourcefire, McAfee, Kaspersky and Allot. After mapping the complexity affecting modern business networks world firsthand, InsidePacket’s founders came together to build the solutions the industry needs.

The Future of Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Networking Starts Now

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