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Founded by pedigree of the leading names in networking and security industries, InsidePacket’s leadership comes with a deep and strong background in networks, security, and programmability.

InsidePacket’s founders hail from companies such as Broadcom, Cisco, Microsoft, Radware, and Allot.

That makes the convergence of networking and security part of our DNA. It’s in our blood.

  • https://www.insidepacket.com/leadership/#eli-karpilovski

    Eli Karpilovski
    Founder, CEO

    Eli is a seasoned tech executive and entrepreneur. Prior to founding InsidePacket, he led operations, product, strategy, and innovation at various global organizations. He gained his experience working with big-tech market leaders, hyperscaler companies, and small startups.

    Having built cloud infrastructure technologies at scale, and understanding the business of cloud service offerings, Eli followed his inspiration to help infrastructure and service providers reach “the new game” and founded InsidePacket.

  • https://www.insidepacket.com/leadership/#michael-frank

    Michael Frank
    Co-Founder, CTO

    Michael has 30 years of experience leading and executing complex networking projects at start-ups and market-leading public companies, among them VP of R&D and Chief Architect at Allot, and Technical Director at Broadcom. Michael was responsible for designing one of the first DPI-based QoS & Visibility appliances.

  • https://www.insidepacket.com/leadership/#avi-benguigui

    Avi Benguigui
    Board member, COO

    Avi is a technology leader with 15 years of experience ­in driving teams to business success, and highly capable engineering and telecommunications operations executive.

    In his previous role, Avi was the CTO of HOT Mobile, one of Israel’s leading telecom service providers, overseeing all of the company’s engineering, network operations, innovation and product development.
    Avi has mentored several early-stage telecom and cyber startups and helped them to find their product-market fit.

  • https://www.insidepacket.com/leadership/#lior-rozen

    Lior Rozen
    VP of Engineering

    Lior Rozen is the VP engineering in InsidePacket. Before joining InsidePacket’s, Lior worked at Radware for over 15 years, in various roles, including leading R&D and managing pre-sales and post-sales teams.
    Lior is a cyber-security expert with over a decade of experience designing, consulting, and implementing cyber-security solutions for T1 carriers and Fortune 100 enterprises.