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NIRO – Network Intent-based Resource Orchestrator

NIRO empower multi-cloud networking and security Digital Infrastructure Providers to focus on the applicational aspects that truly matter to their customers – connecting and protecting their customers’ container, VM, and BareMetal workloads – and elevating their user experience to the level previously reserved for select mega-scalers.

NIRO is a scalable orchestration platform for Digital Infrastructure Providers delivering networking and security services to enterprise and SMB customers. NIRO offers:

  • Multi-tenancy, multi-cloud connectivity, and multi-location deployment – NIRO enables you to provide networking and security services to thousands of tenants, running on a flexible fully-managed substrate of low-latency platforms with capacity spanning from 10Gbps to 4Tbps each. With NIRO, you can connect and protect user workloads of any type, be it containers, VMs, or BareMetal, at any place – at the edge, on public or private clouds, or on the customer premise.
  • Integrated networking and security – the NIRO-NSOS duo provides fully integrated networking and line-rate stateful security services, supporting a wide range of routing and tunneling protocols, including VXLAN and EVPN, and a rich, ever-growing assortment of co-existing services such as FWaaS, DDoS, SWG, IPS/IDS, LB, and NAT.

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SaaS-like user experience and unparalleled observability

NIRO enables a superb user experience by providing a straightforward, reliable, and responsive configuration flow coupled with actionable, intelligible, and comprehensive real-time monitoring.

NIRO is designed to minimize the load on the operational teams, acting on high-level intent definitions and hiding the underlying complexity while optimizing response time, service availability, and resource allocation.

NIRO supports integration with 3rd party network and security vendors, including routers, SW-WAN devices, and security solutions.

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