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Why choose InsidePacket?


With InsidePacket, data center, colocation, and connectivity providers can offer everything enterprise customers need.

A complete digital experience from connecting their branches, clouds, DCs, in minutes, to a white-label portal that enables your customers to manage their day-to-day operation tasks, secured. We combine a complete Network as a Service feature set into a single software solution that runs on any operator network.

InsidePacket is the key to unlocking a new operator business model and delivering Real Network as a Serice solution. Fast.

  • Limitless network growth

    Separate hardware and software to enable limitless network growth while remaining in control of costs. Detach network growth from network cost to innovate your value proposition, offer new services, provide business agility, and generate new revenue streams.

  • One solution, multiple services

    Offload many of your services to InsidePacket, we built a full NaaS feature set that runs on your network.

  • Improve performance and reduce latency

    Our inspect once paradigm technology delivers the lowest latency in the industry, in line rate, supporting any enterprise market segment performance requirement.

  • Automate enterprise networks to clouds

    Automate your infrastructure and dramatically reduce the complexity of operating your customer’s network.


InsidePacket’s Network-as-a-Service solution is the simplest way to migrate and manage workloads distributed across on-prem and the cloud. Rather than locking yourself into a single vendor’s ecosystem, our Network as a Service solution allows you to combine deployments, hybrid, or multi-cloud networks, into a single platform capable of delivering all the connectivity and security needed for modern enterprise.

  • Simple, and fast onboarding. No hardware is needed

    Get up and running in minutes with automated connectivity and discovery. Our software runs on any operator network.

  • Consolidated view of your entire network

    End-to-end traffic for network and application observability, including a range of tools and analytics.

  • Unified yet segmented

    Combine your entire enterprise IT architecture for simplicity while segmenting your network for security.

  • Cloud-native security

    Protect your network without degrading performance or expensive third-party software.

  • Agility

    Rapidly develop and deliver new services to your customers without being held back by legacy infrastructure.

  • Scalability

    Connect multi-clouds and on-prem sites into a single solution and grow your network with your business without extra costs.