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SSE as a Platform

Our products are deployable either from the cloud or on-prem platform designed to support your network and security offering, sales, and business processes by augmenting existing networks.

Our platform contains a comprehensive services suite, fully flexible and consumed by demand – starting from a single service such as routing, firewall, blocking web threats, content filtering, and Multi-Cloud connectivity to a complete Secure Service Edge stack. Our solution is inherently designed for multiple tenancies.

The unique network security OS (NSOS) we developed can be embedded everywhere: From a small VNF/CNF up to groundbreaking Terabits capacity, in a small footprint – All running on COTS hardware.

The NSOS also provides comprehensive overlay and underlay routing capabilities enabling “brown-field” insertion to Clouds, datacenter, or CoLos, all provided in a multi-tenant environment smartly managed across all sites.

Network security platfrom for MSSPs

Limitless scale, with guaranteed SLA

Our network security solution excels at high availability, high performance enabling low latency, next gen applications. We Provide guaranteed SLA while being scalable and elastic:

InsidePacket’s platform can handle terabits of traffic. A single tenant can consume any bandwidth required, upgradable for any number of tenants, with a pay-as-you-grow model.

Our SLA guaranteed low latency is achieved by our disruptive “inspect once paradigm” technology, replacing the common service chaining approach – Thus, allowing business-grade, mission-critical low latency support – with no performance trade-off.

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